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  • 耗材剩餘計數
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  • Mitsubishi Adaptive thermal-head Management Engine 

    With optimized thermal head pulse control, a key technology for dye sublimation printers, and internal 16-bit processing, the unit delivers faithful reproduction, free of color blur, for crystal clear definition down to the keenest detail. Lightning quick printing, at amere 15 seconds (L size), is yet another stellar breakthrough.


    Dual Line Technology:Smoother and Sharper Picture Quality 

    “Dual line heads” are newly adopted on this printer to improve head resolution. Compared to theprevious model, printing occurs on two head elements for each dot. This results in stunning images,with even greater detail and texture.     


    ●Large-Capacity Roll Paper, Greatly Boosting Printing Output

    As an eco-friendly touch, these new digital colour printers use coreless,large-capacity roll of paper. Even with the same roll diameter as the previous model, the result is a major jump in printing output to 600 sheets at 10cm x15cm size (versus 220 sheets with the previous ME model ~ the CP8000DW).


    Heads Offering Three Times the Service Life and Durability of the Previous Model = CP8000DW comparison

    A new protective film applied to the heads enhances durability, while use of a back-layer ink sheet diminishes the wear rate. The bottom line is improved head durability and an impressive new realm